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March 6th 2014

Jump Point: Volume One Pre-Orders Open!

Jump Point: Volume One Pre-Orders Open!

Greetings Citizens,

Our first published book is available for pre-order today! For the past year, development subscribers have received monthly Jump Point magazines. We originally planned for Jump Point to be a quick, four-to-six page summary of what was going on in the Star Citizen universe… and the end result was a fifty-plus page full-color publication each month! We’ve collected the first year of magazines in one giant physical volume.

Jump Point includes everything from behind-the-screens stories about Star Citizen’s development to in-universe fiction available nowhere else! If you tuned in to Wingman’s Hangar yesterday, you’ve seen our sample copy. We’re excited about doing the print run. Pre-orders begin today, from which we will judge the initial print run for the books. We’ll keep you updated to let you know when the books go to print and when you can expect your copy! To introduce the book and the details for subscriber copies, here’s editor-in-chief David Ladyman:

A Year of Future History!

The printed Jump Point Volume 1 is now available for sale: all 650 pages of the first 13 issues of Jump Point, bound together in one book. Each printed page has two original Jump Point pages (8.5” × 7”), resulting in a jumbo, 8.5” × 14”, 330-page archive on the first year of Star Citizen.

As a special thank you, we have listed in the book the monikers of every subscriber during our first year of publication.

This paperback behemoth is available for pre-order for $80 (which includes shipping). Pre-orders will determine how many we print, so order yours now to be sure to get one.
Centurion subscribers with at least a year (12 months) of subscription will find a badge on their account permitting the purchase for $40 (basically, the cost to print and ship it).

Imperator subscribers with at least a year (12 months) of subscription will find a badge on their account permitting the purchase of the special hardback Imperator edition for $20 (which covers most of the cost of shipping).

We will continue this special offer for Imperators and Centurions as long as supplies last — every few months, we’ll award badges to subscribers who have achieved a 12-month subscription since the last time we checked.


You can put in your pre-order here!

We are also excited to announce that RSVPs for the PAX East event will go out tomorrow! The venue holds 1,500 people, and allotments of 500 each will be released throughout the day (at noon, 5 PM and 10 PM EST.) The noon allotment will be limited to Subscribers and Concierge. We look forward to seeing you there!

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