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April 3rd 2014

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction

I bet he wishes he had a good bookI bet he wishes he had a good book

The verse is full of interesting stories. In a universe so vast the imagination can run free and we want to strengthen the creativity of our backers. We are all so excited and constantly invigorated by the dedication of our community. Together we can not only fight the Vanduul horde, but enjoy the lighter moments to regale in the stories of our fellow citizens. We want to put a spotlight on the lesser known stories from the verse. Everyone knows about the rise and fall of the Messer era, dark times indeed, and what citizen is not familiar with The Flight of the Artemis? We want to take this opportunity to highlight the passion and commitment of our community. Here are just a few of our favorite pieces of Fan Fiction from the Verse.

First up is Drinking Alone, by backer Cocidius. The story of Ex-Navy man Damon Cocidius as he wrestles with his demons and the scars of his past. Only one chapter of the tale is available right now but citizen Cocidius says more are coming. If the tale is as well written and interesting as the first chapter we are in for a treat.

Here is the link to Cocidiu’s post

Next up is the ongoing and epic tale of The Retaliator. Backer Kazee has been writing these amazing stories for months now and we eagerly await the release of each and every chapter. I could describe it but I will let Kazee do it himself, “What follows is the ongoing voyage of a uniquely modified Retaliator and her extraordinary crew as they endeavor to unravel their personal mysteries and survive the Verse”. Get ready for some reading each part is long but when you’re reading a good book time seems to stop working, it’s a weird and magical phenomenon.

Here is a link to Kazee’s post

Lastly we have backer Tem Barone with his old school Choose Your Own Adventure type of books titled, ‘Choose Your Own Star Citizen’. Tem writes a story then gives other backers the option to vote on where the story goes from there. Tem has finished three different tales in this vein and has opened the idea up to other backers. Read through all of them and be ready for the next adventure.

Here is the link to Tem barone’s work

These are not all the stories from the verse. There are many more written and even more yet to be discovered. This is not the last we will highlight some of our favorites as there is so much amazing work being done by the people who make Star Citizen possible, you the backers.

Check out this amazing thread started by backer Peper that has links to just about all fiction in the verse

Until Next time Citizens. To the stars.

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