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April 8th 2014

PAX Event Information

PAX Event Information

CIG is heading to Boston to show you what we’ve been working on! Check here for information about Thursday’s special event (including the livestream.)

Will the event be streamed online?

Yes! Chris Roberts’ presentation will be streamed via Twitch starting at 9 PM EST. You can access the stream at that time via the Roberts Space Industries website.

Will Star Citizen make any other appearances at PAX?

Chris Roberts will be on a panel during the event! The panel is scheduled at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11th from noon to 1 PM. Panel description follows:

The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming, Hosted by PC Gamer

The immortal hobby of PC gaming continues to experience a renaissance of innovation, affordability, and accessibility. Free-to-play, an explosive indie scene, eSports, virtual reality, livestreaming, 4K displays, crowdfunding, Steam Early Access, and the growth of Linux position the PC as a truly vibrant platform.

Evan Lahti [Editor-in-Chief, PC Gamer], Palmer Luckey [Founder, Oculus VR], John Smedley [President, Sony Online Entertainment], Tom Petersen [Director of Technical Marketing, Nvidia], Chris Roberts [Founder, Imperium Games]
CIG staff will also be on hand at the Logitech booth on the show floor of the PAX East show itself! Stop by and say hello.

Who will be attending the event from Cloud Imperium Games?

  • Chris Roberts, Founder and CEO
  • Ortwin Freyermuth, Co-Founder and General Counsel
  • Sandi Gardiner, Vice President of Marketing
  • Erin Roberts, Studio Director, Foundry 42
  • Eric Peterson, President of Production
  • Travis Day, Dogfighting Producer
  • Mark Abent, Gameplay Programmer
  • Chad Zamzow, Programmer
  • David Swofford, Director of Public Relations
  • Ben Lesnick, Community Manager
  • Mike Jones, IT Director
  • Brian Mazza, Senior Server Programmer
  • Chris Graves, IT Systems Engineer

When and where is the event?

The event is at the Boston Royale nightclub, locate at 279 Tremont Street in Boston, MA. Doors will open as follows:

  • 6 PM: Organization Contest winners
  • 7 PM: Subscribers and Concierge members
  • 8 PM: All other attendees

What do I need to bring to the event?

Please bring a print out of your RSI RSVP, available here, and a photo ID that matches the name you registered with online. IDs will be checked at the door. If you are eligible for early admission (subscriber, contest winner, etc.) you do not need to bring anything else, there will be a door list with your names. (Note that all tickets read 8 PM, regardless of your status!)

Can I ask for autographs from CIG staff?

Sure! Please bring your own pen, if possible; we found that they disappeared quickly at Gamescom!

Do I need a PAX pass to attend the event?

No, the event is for all Star Citizen backers who have registered. No PAX registration is required!

Can I take videos or photography at the event?

Yes, feel free to do so.

Can I still register for the event?

Registration for the event has closed.

Can I change the name on my registration form?

No, the door list is now locked.

Will there be food or drink at the Royale?

There will be beverages available for purchase at the Royale; please eat before the event!

Is there an age limit for the event?

This event is for backers age 21 plus.

Can I bring a “plus one”?

Unfortunately, there is only enough room for the Star Citizen backers wishing to see the show.

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