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July 20th 2024

Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs

Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs

We love spaceships here at Cloud Imperium Games. I know it isn’t much of a secret. Thanks to you guys, our backers, we are designing a whole game around spaceships. We even have a show about teams creating new Starships for the game. However we wanted to take this time to highlight some of our other fan created ships. We have combed through the forums looking for models that caught our attention. These are not the only ships we like just a few of the ones that we find interesting.

First up we have backer WimWam and his SCI Marlin.
WimWAm’s design is a take-off of the Aurora. WimWam wants to give the ship an exploration focus but allow others to augment the ship as they see fit. Want to add extra cargo space and some more firepower? Go right ahead.
Here is a link to WimWam’s design

Next up is the Bolt 377 designed by Emulated.
This ship is all about the cargo. Emulated has been working on his design for a while and he has images of not only the outside of the ship, but the crew quarters and a cockpit view. For those of you in the verse hoping to make your living hauling cargo this is a ship that should interest you greatly.
Here is the link to Emulated’s design

Cargo and Exploration is an important part of the verse. Some of our backers however might want to look for more combat focused designs. Then Superweasel’s Scarab Gunship is what you are looking for. This ship is light and nimble with enough firepower to take the fight to the Vanduul in a dogfight. The UEE might want to take notice.
Here is the link to Superweasel’s design

Lastly we have The Osiris by Impala88. The initial idea was to make a smaller version of the Prometheus but Impala started changing things to better suit his vision. The ship looks slick and Impala has been working on it for a long time. He has videos showing the ship in a 3D space. The work he is putting into this ship shows his dedication and love of starships (something we all share).
Here is a link to Impala88’s work

Inside this thread he also has concepts for other famous ships. Check it out and show him some support.

As always these are not all the designs in the verse just some that caught our attention. If you like seeing these highlighted let us know and we can do another spotlight later or even do a catch up article and check in on their progress. The imagination and creativity of our backers continues to astound, impress, and energize our team. Keep modding and keep designing new ships. We have always planned on taking fan creations and making them part of the official game. This process will be difficult and rare but this is Star Citizen, this is just as much your game as it is ours, maybe even more.

Without the love and craft of these backer, as well as everyone in the verse who can’t wait to take their ship out into the wild, Star Citizen wouldn’t exist and for that we are forever thankful. To the Stars.

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