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June 23rd 2024

Fan Spotlight: Arts and Crafts

Fan Spotlight: Arts and Crafts

The creativity and passion of our backers continues to surprise us. The forums are full or amazing pieces of fan art and fiction and we love every single one of these creative endeavors. We wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the ways our backers are sharing their love of Star Citizen in less conventional ways. Whether it be LEGO, 3D printing, or knitting the love of Star Citizen permeates artistic expression. We are forever indebted to our backers and forever enthralled with their ability to create and share their love of Star Citizen

First up we have a trio of Star Citizen Ships made by backers using 3D printers. 3D printing technology has captured all of our imaginations over the past couple years and seeing ship miniatures created through the tech is astounding. Backers Orinx, Phil, and 0235 print ships such as the Cutlass, Freelancer, and the Avenger.
Backers Phil and 0235 outline the process for other backers to use in the future. The thread showing their work can be found in the following links:


Next up we have the Vanduul Knife seen on 10 for the Chairman Episode 16. Made by backer LelesPL. It took him over 25 hours to forge the blade. Made with Damascus steel the blade took a great deal of effort and skill. The Vanduul would be lucky to have such a well-crafted blade. Operation Pitchfork is arming.
Here is the link to LelesPL’s work

Captain_Aidenthor has started a thread dedicated to making LEGO models of ships from the Star Citizen Universe. He outlines the parts needed and the building process. Other backers have started to follow his models. Feel free to stop by the thread and share your ships with other backers.
Here is a link to Captain_Aidenthor thread

Backer Kich knitted a Star Citzen scarf using the SC Logo patches. It looks beautiful and has even received the Wingman Seal of Wanting™. The scarf is well made and of course the Star Citizen logos give it +10 cold resistance.
Here is a link to kich’s work

Backer Adalad took a spare piece of plexiglass (who doesn’t have one of those?) and made an awesome looking piece of Star Citizen art. Adalad is not finished with the project yet but you can stop by the thread and show your support.
Here is the link to Adalad’s project

Keep creating, CIG and your fellow backers love seeing the fruits of your labor. Remember though citizens it is against the Terms Of Service to sell any of the amazing things you create but that should not discourage you from expressing you passion. The verse is full of imagination and creativity. Remember that all we are trying to accomplish together with Star Citizen started as dream of the Best Damned Space Sim Ever. Until next time citizens, To the Stars.

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