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April 29th 2014

Gamescom Event Poll

Gamescom Event Poll

Greetings Citizens,

As you may have heard, Cloud Imperium Games is heading back to Gamescom!

Gamescom takes place in Cologne, Germany in August and is the largest gaming convention in Europe. The convention itself is open to the public, making it a great place to show off Star Citizen to backers.

Last year, we launched Star Citizen’s Hangar Module at Gamescom and this year we have even bigger things to share with you! As with previous events, Gamescom tickets will not be required to attend the Star Citizen event.

We’re working on securing the venue now. If you’re interested in attending, please fill out the poll below to let us know when you could attend. If the date doesn’t matter, please select the “either day” option.

(Note that this is not an RSVP for the event; we will have a signup form closer to launch for this purpose.

Star Citizen Gamescom Event Poll

Star Citizen Gamescom Event Poll

Total Votes: 10054

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