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May 8th 2014

Multiple Organization Membership Launched!

Multiple Organization Membership Launched!

Greetings Citizens,

Can’t choose between Imperium and LAMP? We’re proud to announce that the team at Turbulent has enabled multiple organization membership! Citizens can now select both a ‘main’ organization and up to nine ‘affiliates.’ Please check out the FAQ below for more details.

This can be considered ‘version 1.5’ of the Organizations system; additional features are coming in the future, including fleet view and inter-organizational reputation systems. Note that joining an Organization today will carry over into the finished game: these are some of your first steps into the Star Citizen universe!

Multi-Org FAQ

Q: How can I be part of more than one Org? What are “Mains” and “Affiliations”?

A: The new system allows any backer or owner of a game package to be part of up to 10 organizations at once. However, backers in multiple Orgs may choose one to be their Main Org and this is what will be displayed in your Forum info and your Profile Overview. The others will be known as “Affiliations”.

Q: What’s the difference between a Member and an Affiliate then?

A: An Org’s Members are the users who chose this Org as their Main. This means that they’ve chosen this Org to be displayed prominently in their Profile, but it also means that they’re allowed to have a Role in that Org (Recruiting, Branding… any kind of responsibility). Affiliates cannot have a Role in an Org.

Q: How do I choose my Main Org?

A: If you go to your Personal Account Settings, you’ll be able to choose your Main Organization: you can select “Set as Main” to any affiliation, making it your Main. You can also select “Set as Affiliation” your Main, to make it an affiliation. This means that you’re perfectly allowed to have no Main, just affiliations.
Be aware though that if you select “Set as Affiliation” on your Main, you’ll automatically lose any Role (meaning permissions) that you had in it.

Q: What does “Visibility” mean for an Org Member or Affiliate?

A: We’ve introduced the concept of Membership Visibility to give you control over what other backers can see. When you join an Org, either as your Main or as an Affiliation, you’ll immediately be asked to choose a Visibility.

Q: What are the types of Visibility?

A: There are three types of Visibility:

  • Public: Everyone can see you’re part of that Org. It shows up in your Citizen Dossier, and you show up in its Member list.
  • Redacted: People can see that you’re part of “an” Org, but can’t see which. Your Citizen Dossier has a “Redacted” block where that Org would be, and you show up as “Redacted” in its Member List. All “Redacted” blocks make it impossible to trace the Member or the Org. (Note: the Org’s Officers can still see you clearly in their own Admin view. They were the ones who recruited you anyway)
  • Hidden: Nothing shows up in your Citizen Dossier. It’s like you were never part of it. The Org’s Member List shows a blank card where you would be. (Note: Again, the Org’s Officers can see you clearly in their Admin view)
New Citizen DossierNew Citizen Dossier

Q: Can I “Redact” and “Hide” my Main Org?

A: You can Redact your Main Org but you cannot Hide it.

Q: Can I “Redact” and “Hide” my Affiliates?

A: Yes, You can both Redact and Hide Affiliates in any combination you desire.

Q: Can I change my Visibility Status after the fact?

A: Yes the Visibility can be changed at anytime

Q:Does Main and Affiliate Orgs impact the Org Activity Score if they are “Redacted” or “Hidden”?

A: All Org you are members of receive Org Activity Score from your actions regardless of Visibility. Public members however effect the Org Activity Score more than hidden members creating an incentive to have less hidden members.

Q: How do Redacted and Hidden Org Members look when inspecting an Org roster?

A: The Org Roster will have Boxes for every member of the Org but Redacted/Hidden Org members will be displayed as such. You will still know the number of Org members but not roster.

What’s an “Exclusive” Org?

A: An “Exclusive” Orgs is flagged, by its owners, as requiring its members to only be part of this org. This means they’re advertising that they’ll be policing their members to make sure it stays that way. Still, the system doesn’t enforce anything, so it won’t actively prevent the members from joining other orgs. It’s entirely up to the owners to keep their members in line.

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