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May 23rd 2014

Fan Spotlight: Music

Music plays a huge part in any video game. Not only the with the soundtrack but also during the making of the game. Walking around the CIG offices you will undoubtedly hear the soft wail of dangerously loud music coming from headphones hanging around the necks of those trying to make the verse a reality.

First up we have Swidelm’s Vanduul Composition. This piece invokes a sense of dread and fear of the Vanduul horde. It perfectly encapsulates the swarm mentality and foreboding nature of the Vanduul menace.

Here is the link to the thread

Next up we have backer Renov8 with his Star Citizen inspired track, Discovery. Using comm chatter from NASA was a nice touch. The song invokes a sense of exploration and hope. I could see this song playing as Nick Croshaw found the first Jump Point.

Here is the link to R3nov8’s thread

The piano in back Anthony Locke’s battle song, “Into the Breach”, is amazing. You can hear the Mass Effect influence but he manages to create something that sounds distantly its own.

Here is the link to Anthony Locke’s post

Backer vinhuman has created a track called, “Space Toilets”, which isn’t very indicative of the song. The song starts low and then slowly builds. I could see this track playing over the ending of a battle.

Here is the link to vinhuman’s post

These are just a few of the songs from the verse. For an ongoing music project check out backer CadenLWelborn and his Unofficial Star Citizen Soundtrack project

If you want to listen to modern day music not made in the verse, but for Citizens by Citizens, head over to backer Ricko’s radio station The Base

Music is such an important part of our past and will continue to be in the verse. We are all eagerly awaiting the opportunity to our favorite song as we explore, pirate, mine, and live in the verse. Thank you all for your hard work and love of Star Citizen. To the Stars.

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