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May 29th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Shows and Podcasts

Fan Spotlight Shows and Podcasts

At CIG we have a team that makes our three weekly shows and we still find ourselves overwhelmed at times. Some of our fans make Star Citizen focused shows and podcasts in their spare time and that time investment is something special, and lets be honest a little crazy. Let’s take a moment to highlight some of the fan shows and podcasts from the verse.


Geekdomo hosts this weekly Star Citizen Podcast with frequent guests Trendane, Core, Ricko, and others. The conversation can get a little blue so be wary listening around the little ones. The insight and comedy that comes out of these episodes are great and that shouldn’t be a surprise when you take friends with clear passion and ask them to talk about it.

Here is a link to the StarCast post

Star Citizen’s Addicts Anonymous

Nikk “Batgirl” D’Angelo hosts this show and has some of the best interviews in the business. Her passion and love of all things Star Citizen has landed her interviews with Ben Lesnick, Sandi Gardiner, and more. News and insight fills out the rest of the show. We are all addicted to Star Citizen AA but fortunately we don’t need to step.

Here is a link to Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous’ post

Sunny’s Diner

Sunny’s Diner is a small restaurant on an undisclosed rock in space. Sunny host the podcast with his co-host Gaerrar from a table at the Diner. The show is very informal with guest but entertaining and really makes you feel like you are sitting at a table waiting on a milkshake with your friends. Also I think Sunny sounds a bit like Ira Glass.

Here is a link to the forum post of Sunny’s Diner

Beacon 147

Beacon 147 is a discussion show put on by the Chosen Community. Bobby and Thomas, along with a guest talk about the news of the day in the verse. Episodes are twice a month and their experience shines through. Listen if you want to get a different perspective.

Here is the link to Beacon 147’s post

The Hull Truth

Wes from the Romantics hosts this weekly recap about all things Star Citizen. The show is succinct and informative, giving an interesting perspective on what is happening in the Verse. Wes is a pro and a good interviewer.

Here is a link to The Hull Truth’s page

These are just a few of the amazing Star Citizen Podcasts and Shows. The time and dedication required to make these shows, and others, is staggering. Just more proof that the Verse is a special place. Thank you all for you hard work and love of Star Citizen. To the Stars.

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