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May 30th 2014

Arena Commander V.8 Daily Bug Update - May 30, 2014

Greetings Citizens,

The news today is positive! We’re pleased to report that we believe tonight’s internal Release Candidate resolves all of the bugs (pending testing) you read about last night, including the two critical “show stopper” issues. Arena Commander V.8 is looking more stable than before, and hopefully additional testing on this new build will not uncover more blocking issues.

What happens next? The Arena Commander team will be working through the weekend to test this build, and fix any issues as they are found. Next week, we will have another “go/no-go” meeting with the worldwide development teams. Our next update will be on Monday and we will continue to update you on any issues and their impact to the schedule then.

Even if tonight’s build is the one you end up playing, it needs to be put through its paces by QA to ensure that we haven’t introduced any new issues. We have team members from around the company scheduled to playtest this weekend in order to verify the integrity of the build.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen posts from some backers wondering why they’ve only seen images of the Hornet in Arena Commander. To put that to rest, Zane has captured images of all three ships in action! These are unaltered screenshots, taken within the game itself (from a camera in back of the character head.) We’re very proud of how this game is looking!

The team has also put together a short teaser showing some of what you’ll be playing soon. This, again, is 100% in-game footage. You’re looking at Arena Commander’s AI battling each other in real time! Check it out below.



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