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June 13th 2014

Subscriber Flair: Freelancer Model

Subscriber Flair: Freelancer Model

Greetings Citizens,

This month’s subscriber flair is a Freelancer MIS model! Subscribers should have a Freelancer model in their Hangars now and additional copies are available in the subscriber store. You can learn more about development subscriptions here. The model includes a stand and even a collector’s box!

If you aren’t a subscriber, don’t worry: these models will be available in the finished Star Citizen persistent universe. Pilots will be able to collect a variety of ship models to display in their hangars. We’ve put together some in-universe information about the company behind the ships, which you can find below.

Takuetsu Starships

Founded in 2894, Takuetsu Starships is a leading die-cast model spaceship manufacturer based in Fujin City, Centauri. They hold the reproduction licenses from spaceship manufacturers and engineering companies such as RSI and Anvil Aerospace. Takuetsu are well known amongst collectors to make superior, highly detailed models. They produce perfect replicas of personal, commercial, military and even alien spaceships in various scales.

The Model

Die-cast metal, ultra-realistic replicas of spaceships throughout history, Takuetsu Starships are known for acquiring ships and taking them apart to get the most accurate measurements of a ship components in order to create perfect duplications. Each series, and thus each model, is of limited edition. Some lines go as low as 500 models produced. Takuetsu takes pride that no series will ever be duplicated without at least some changes. The models’ prices vary in the galaxy based on each system’s demand.
Even though starships are the most prized component of a collection, Takuetsu Starships designs and manufactures spacecraft components and weapons as well as space stations.

The Collection

Each model is part of a clearly identified collection with a dedicated enclosure that features a space and a plaque for each model within this collection. For example, the MISC-2944 collection features three ships from that manufacturer.

The Collector Shelves

The shelf’s design is classy, prestigious, appropriate for professional offices, meeting rooms or museums. The shelf is branded with the collection logo and name (MISC collection) and the Takuetsu Starships logo and name (think citadel miniatures). The shelf is made of glass and the ships within are held in place with inconspicuous brackets attached underneath each ship.
Missing ship models have their free space on the shelf. Plaques with the name of each available ships are shown. While ships are missing, the lighting on that spot is at a minimum.

The Boxes

Models come in boxes, usually in pack of one, even though exceptions exists. The boxes are very simple; made of plain cardboard and are wrapped in two layers of paper, one of brown paper, the other glossy and printed on. Normal boxes, which are the most common, are branded with the collection name, ship name, manufacturer logo and Takuetsu Starships name and logo.

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