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June 25th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Volume 2

The quality and quantity of our Fan Fiction community is staggering. Everyday Citizens are expanding and strengthening the ‘Verse. We think it is about time we highlight just a few more of the amazing pieces of Fan Fiction.

First up we have Cargo Liberation & Salvage by backer Jaceon Falx. The story has illustrations to go along with it. It is a cool mix of comic book conventions with the prose of more traditional fiction. Jaceon is updating and adding more and the story currently stands at seven parts.
Here is the link to Cargo Liberation & Salvage

Backer ACYL writes a collection of opinion pieces titled, Black Box that give the trials and tribulations of an average spacer. You will not see any UEE propaganda here. No topic is off limits politics, the Xi’An, the Economy, it is all fair game.
Here is the link to Back Box

Falling Free is the story of Ex-Lietenant Commander Tara Watanabe as she ventures down a dark path when she was out of options. An opportunity too good to resist presented itself and she took it. Backer Nekxyu writes with clear passion and conviction. there is even an audio version read by Jimer Lins.
Here is the link to Falling Free

Backer Holo-san Voidrax has written a possible background for the XI’An.T his piece doesn’t follow a narrative but outlines a possible history for the Xi’An. It is interesting and well thought out. The Xi’An are mysterious and formidable. We owe it to the UEE to learn as much as we can.
Here is the link to Secrets of the Xi’An

Finally we have backer Aimcreeper with his story of one mans desperate attempt to save the UEE. The Daybreak is a well written tale that keeps you engrossed.
Here is the link to The Daybreak

Thank you Citizens for your continued love of all things Star Citizen. These are nowhere near all the amazing stories from the ‘Verse. We will continue to search for and highlight stories that give us that ineffable feeling of reading a good book. Let us know the ones we missed and we will try to get to them next. To the Stars.

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