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July 3rd 2014

Squadron Battle Enabled, 200,000 Online!

Squadron Battle Enabled

Greetings Citizens,

We launched patch 12.4 last night. This update brings a couple of new additions to the table. First off, as I’m sure many of you will be glad to hear, we’ll be rolling multiplayer out to everyone up to #200,000 in this update. A big thank-you to everyone who has been helping us out by playing the game so far (we hope you’ve been having fun too!), it’s really coming along and we’ll get the game out to everyone over #200,000 as soon as we can.

UPDATE: Now that the new patch has settled, we have enabled multiplayer for all backers through Citizen Number 200,000! Please help us stress test the server as we move towards open multiplayer for all backers.

The other big news in that, as of this morning, the update adds a brand new shiny game mode: Squadron Battle! In Squadron Battle you can team up with three other players and take on an opposing team in a head-to-head deathmatch. Each team starts with 100000 ‘tickets’ and as your team takes damage/loses you’ll lose tickets! Lose all your tickets and the game will enter Final Kill mode. When that happens all the enemy have to do is take out one of your team and they win, so you’ll have to work hard as a team to make sure that doesn’t happen, take their remaining tickets and put them down before they can put you down. It’s our take on Team Deathmatch and we’ve been having great fun in the office playing it, we hope you will too. Squadron Battle is available to all #200,000 backers as soon as the update goes live so team up and get playing!

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