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July 9th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Flight Controls

Fan Spotlight: Flight Controls

Not content with normal joysticks or computer setups, the forum members highlighted below decided to take action and create their own masterpieces. From weird and wonderful to massive collections we’ll explore a few of different creations by your fellow forum members. Enjoy!

Yomi's Frankentroller

First up is a half joystick, half controller Frankenstein created by Yomi. Why you ask? In Yomi’s own words “HOTAS or dual stick setups have lots of buttons, but don't have enough analogue axes for full control. A mouse and keyboard has even fewer analogue axes. Although it may not offer a huge advantage to have analogue strafing, it might be important for precise maneuvering.”

Here is the link to Yomi’s thread

LikeableBump's Arena Relaxer

Next up is LikeableBump. In order to truly relax while flying in the Verse, Likeable has attached mounts to his DXRacer chair. Welded out of aluminum, these mounts will stand the test of time.

Here is the link to LikeableBump’s Thread

Torvic's Grainy Solution

Struggling with the complications of a small desk, Torvic has designed wooden mounts that attach to the legs of his table. Even better, when he’s finished destroying enemies for the day the mounts can swerve out of the way.

Here is the link to Torvic’s thread

Versailles' Hot Swap

Ready for any type of conflict, Versailles has designed a setup that easily allows him to switch from a Hotas to a controller for FPS in seconds.

Here is the link to Versailles’ thread

JazAero's Command Center

Thrustmaster MFD’s, Thrustmaster Hotas warthog, Saitek control yoke, throttle quadrant, radio stack, LCD instruments Saitek cyborg control stick, Saitek Rudder pedals, Nostromo N 52, Space pilot Pro, Real Flight Elite control box, Manhattan Mondo hub 28 port USB 2/3 hub, Matrox triple head to go digital edition, and Track IR Pro are just a sample of what JazAero takes into battle. Simply put, JazAero takes flight simulation to a whole other level of awesome.

Here is the link to JazAero’s thread

Thank you everybody for your amazing designs and creations. If you have an interesting or creative setup, or know somebody who does, please let us know in the comments. See you next Time!

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