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July 23rd 2014

Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Ship Designs Volume 2

Greetings Citizens

The diversity of Star Ships in the verse is staggering. Since last we highlighted some of the fan made ship designs our community has intensified their efforts to design their dream vehicle to travel the stars. These few are still just a fraction of the amazing work from our backers. Some of these designs could give our best ship designers a run for their money.

Kiwoz Heavy Fighter

First up we have backer Kiwoz and his yet unnamed Heavy fighter. It really looks like a tank in space. The solid design with amazing firepower make this 2-3 crew ship something I am sure others would like to see in the ‘verse.

Here is the link to Kiwoz’s work

Rand Haginen's Ginkgo

I love the sleek design of the Ginko from backer Rand Haginen. It looks like a cross between a dragster and an F1 racer. The ship even has variants in case you want to add some firepower. The Murray cup may have a new challenger.

Here is the link to Rand Haginen’s work

Karana Matis' Straith

The Straith by backer Karana Matis is all about stealth and maneuverability. You can see the stealth bomber influence in the design but let’s be honest being in space is far cooler then not being in space.

Here is the link to Karana Matis’ work

Casin's recon

Backer Casin has designed a recon focused ship where simplicity is key. While the role is clearly defined I can’t stop marveling at how cool the ship looks aesthetically. I wouldn’t mind scouting ahead of the enemy in this ship.

Here is the link to Casin’s work

These are not all of the amazing ships the community has created. Please keep the designs coming the creativity really helps drive the designers as CIG. Let us know in the comment which ones we missed and we will do our best to highlight them another time.

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