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July 30th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Videos Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Videos Volume 2

One of the most exciting parts of Arena Commander’s release is we knew that our talented and passionate fans would create videos of their experiences within the game. However, we could not anticipate how amazing these would be. Our community continues to surprise us each day and we’d like to highlight a few that stand out in our mind.

Reverend Hakuga

Reverend Hakuga makes weaving in and out of asteroids look easy. As he masterfully glides around the rocky surfaces, his musical accompaniment fits perfectly to give the casual flight a bit of playfulness.


Drifting helplessly in space may sound like a nightmare to many, but CookedOak embraces this as he leaves his ship behind and floats around in space. Once again the music overlay only enhances this video’s beauty.


HertzStudios’ fan trailer is just as beautiful as the previous entry but for different reasons. The editing is fantastic and his transitions happen at just the right moment to deliver the perfect punch.

TJ Long

TJ Long has broken free of the map boundary and decided to take a closer look at one of our planets. We are in awe, not only of the insane requirements to achieve this, but how inspiring the visuals he produces are.


Finally we come to BadNewsBaron who has combined his love for Star Wars and Star Citizen. Voiced by BadNewsBaron, Darth Vader tells hilarious stories of his brother Chad and yelling at a crew member named Brian. This is also the third in the series and I highly suggest you check out the previous two.

Thank you to everybody who creates videos using Star Citizen. If you know of any other great videos post them below and we’ll be sure to check them out!

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