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August 2nd 2014

Arena Commander Multiplayer Access Expanded

Arena Commander Multiplayer Access Expanded

Greetings Citizens,

On Wednesday, we published the long-awaited Star Citizen 12.5 patch aimed at improving Arena Commander’s multiplayer experience. For the past two days, we’ve been monitoring our servers, reviewing feedback and observing players around the world.

And it’s all looking good! In addition to eliminating rubber-banding, it looks like the 12.5 fixes have dramatically increased the Arena Commander experience. Today, we made some additional fixes to our server from that data. We’re now comfortable beginning to expand the multiplayer rollout again!

As we head into the weekend, we are expanding the multiplayer base by 50,000 additional Citizens. If your Citizen Number is 250,000 or below, you will now have access to Arena Commander’s multiplayer modes. The team will sit down next week to review the data and make a call on a larger expansion.

This post will be updated as additional players are invited.

UPDATE #1: We have expanded multiplayer through to Citizen #350,000!

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