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August 4th 2014

Star Citizen Store & Ships Update

Star Citizen Store & Ships Update

Greetings Citizen,

The RSI website received a well-deserved update today with the addition of the new ship pages and browser. This update means a big change to the store, which is now easier to use and more friendly to new backers who aren’t as familiar with Star Citizen. It also lays down the proper framework to expand how we present ships at the RSI site. Instead of a single page of ship stats, each spacecraft now has its own detailed page with artwork and a holoviewer (where available.) You’ll be able to follow the development of our ships through these tools… or just admire the ones you own!

Every ship’s specifications page has been updated and is now ‘data driven,’ making it easier for the web team to update quickly. Ships with 3D models are now available in the holoviewer and we’ve added 350 new in-engine screenshots and 1,500 ship data points to the site!

Finally, this update is also the first step towards the Galactapedia, which will tie in to the website’s ships specs and other aspects of the game.

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