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August 8th 2014

Decorate Your Hangar: Free Posters Released!

Free Posters Released!

Greetings Citizens,

Since last year’s Gamescom, we have traditionally given backers a choice of Star Citizen posters at our events, as a small thanks for all the support they’ve given us. This year is no different, with two cool new designs to choose from being printed now!

We’ve decided to go one step further, though, and let every backer add one of the new posters to their Hangar. We’ve added 1,000 UEC to every ‘ready’ account, which will allow you to choose any poster from the Voyager Direct store for free.

The new designs are a 2944 Murray Cup racing poster, celebrating the Origin M50 and 350R, and a Constellation poster, celebrating the soon-to-be-revealed Constellation lineup! You are also free to spend your UEC on other decorations or weapons if you would prefer.

You can check out both of the new posters here, or browse the entire selection in the Voyager Direct store.

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