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August 13th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Streamers Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Streamers Volume 2

With Capture the Core released we’d like to revisit one of our favorite communities, the streamers. All of their footage and feedback helps us to make Star Citizen better than ever. To show our appreciation we’d like to take a moment to highlight a few of them.


In our previous Streamer Spotlight all of our entries spoke English so we’d like to start Volume II off in Germany with MedienGulli. Enjoy as he aids his team to victory with hours of Capture the Core broadcasts.

Here’s the link


For those that would like to set up Voice Command iBuilderLive has your back. He has a few streams that demonstrate his setup and how he designed it to work.

Here the link

Mercenary Thorn

While Mercenary Thorrn may be new to streaming he seems to have done nothing but play Star Citizen since he started. In fact, on August 16th he’ll be running a 24 hour livestream so be sure to stop by his channel.

Here’s the link


In addition to co-hosting Star Citizen FM DoctorHawk is a pretty frequent streamer. Check out his channel to watch some great Battle Royale gameplay.

Here’s the link

Thanks to all of our streamers out there. Your constant support inspires us to make Star Citizen better every day.
Also, next week we’re going to try something new with our Fan Spotlight. We’d like to show off your best kills in Arena Commander on Around the Verse! That’s right, your kills will be shown on the official Star Citizen Community show. So be sure to post them to the forum thread and we will see you next week!

Here’s the link to the forum post

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