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September 11th 2014

Arena Commander V0.9 Status Update

Arena Commander V0.9 Status Update

Greetings Citizens,

Arena Commander V0.9 will release tomorrow! The QA team in Austin has just cleared a Release Candidate for liftoff. This version is currently being uploaded to the public release servers where it will be staged with publishing.

Why not release it tonight? Answering that question means going behind the scenes. Tonight’s version, now approved, is what we’re calling Release Candidate 2, or RC2. Since kicking off the build process for RC2 earlier today, we’ve made a number of additional bug fixes and improvements that we’d like to see included with the patch. Release Candidate 4 is currently building and will be available for QA in Manchester to test when they get to work in a few hours. This version will also be uploaded and staged later tonight. If Release Candidate 4 is also approved, we will release it instead of the version undergoing staging now. If it introduces unexpected bugs, then we will pull the trigger, make RC2 available tomorrow and integrate the last-minute changes in a future patch.

So check back tomorrow for the long-awaited update! Arena Commander V0.9 includes a multitude of new features, from co-op play to leaderboards to the Murray Cup racing simulator to the new Hangars, along with too many bug fixes to list! Starting tomorrow, you can expect a totally revamped Star Citizen experience. We’ll also have plenty of cool content on the website, including the M50 brochure and commercial, an updated Arena Commander manual and a post from design talking about the ship stat change process. The team is working tonight to have all the finishing touches on this material done, and it’s content we’re thrilled to share!

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