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September 13th 2014

Arena Commander Patch - Star Citizen 13.0.1

Arena Commander Patch - Star Citizen 13.01

Greetings Citizens,

The Star Citizen team has been following the Arena Commander V0.9 rollout! Today, we are issuing an additional Arena Commander patch to address some of the issues backers are having with Arena Commander V0.9. Patch 13.0.1 includes fixes for some connectivity issues and repairs the missing checkpoint from one of the racing mode tracks. The patch will apply automatically the next time you connect to the Star Citizen launcher.

In order to address ongoing connection issues, we are temporarily taking private servers offline. The engineering team is addressing what they believe to be a server-side issue that is causing the matchmaking issues some backers are experiencing. (In short, the server isn’t correctly reassigning private match resources to public games after sessions finish; so each server gradually becomes unusable for public matches and no one is able to connect.) Once a solution is found, we will bring private game modes back online. Note that friend codes will continue to work in public matches while the private servers are offline.

We are also aware of issues with some control types, especially the gamepad. Another fix is in the works to address this, and our QA teams have just begun testing on the customizable keybinding system that will be included with Patch 13.1. This release, which we consider a strong priority, should improve the control experience!

Finally, we are also working on a hotfix to improve the “No Match Found” issue that some backers have been encountering. This bug relates to the server-side queuing system: the game is trying to put players into matches that have already started, which the game rules for Versus and Racing modes do not allow. As a result, players are made to wait and then ultimately told a match isn’t available instead of being given a new one. Engineering believes they have a bead on this one and that the hotfix will be ready shortly.

The development team is standing by to address issues with the build that backers experience. This process would not be possible without the exhaustive feedback we receive from the community; whether you’re reporting bugs on the forums or streaming your Arena Commander experience on Twitch, you are helping us build a better game!

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