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September 17th 2014

Support the Lego Hornet!

Support the Lego Hornet!

Nosmigon, from the Star Citizen subreddit, has created an amazing Lego F7A Hornet, but he needs our help! In order to be considered by Lego’s Review Board to become a real Lego set the project needs 10,000 votes. Currently the project has just over 4,000 votes and we need your help for those final 6,000 votes. If you’re interested in seeing a real Lego Hornet, visit the F7A Lego page and then register and click the big blue support button!

Even the folks over at Lego are excited for the project. They stopped by the page and left the following comment “How fitting that a Kickstarter funded video game should find its way onto LEGO Ideas! I can’t imagine a better ship to fight for the United Empire of (LEGO) Earth. Good luck as you fire off to 10,000 supporters!”. The whole team, including Chris Roberts, is excited about the possibility; we want Lego Hornets for our desks! So if you’re interested, please vote for the cause and help show the world how cool Star Citizen is.

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