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October 11th 2014

Test Drive the Arena Commander Lineup!

Play any of the Arena Commander Ships!

Greeting Citizens,

In honor of Star Citizen’s second anniversary we are opening up all five available trainer hips for use in Arena Commander for a whole week! All backers now have the ability to fly the Aurora, 300i, Hornet, M50, and the 350R. While we wanted to give our fans a small gift, this is also very valuable for the future of the game. We want to see different combinations of ships across all the Arena Commander modes, this will also allow us to stress test the game in a ways we have not been able to yet. All five ships will be available to all backers, and in your hangars, from October 10th – October 17th. In the future, we will use this system to unlock specific ships for test purposes as feedback is needed.

Thank you Citizens for you dedication and continued support of Star Citizen! Be sure to post your experiences on the forums… and we’ll be watching you!

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