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November 7th 2014

Test Drive the Origin M50 Racer!

Test Drive the M50

Greetings Citizens,

For the next week, we’re unlocking the Origin M50 for all backers to test! The M50 is a fast, nimble interceptor that’s also great for star racing. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to try out one of Star Citizen’s faster, more focused ship designs. As you know, we made some exciting changes to controls and other mechanics with Arena Commander 0.9.2 (Star Citizen 13.2) and if you’re game we’re eager for feedback on how the racing mode plays. You can post your comments here, or in the Arena Commander forum. We’ll be watching!

Redeemer Stats update

Redeemer Stat Update

As promised on yesterday’s Reverse the Verse, the team at Foundry 42 has re-examined the Aegis Redeemer’s weapons load out with an eye towards giving it some additional teeth. This update reflects our desire to position the Redeemer as a heavily armed gunship with a strong military focus. The Redeemer is also an effective landing craft, used to carry UEE Marines into action (as seen in the recent FPS demo.) If you’re interested in picking up a Redeemer, it will include LTI through Monday, November 10th!

Updated Specifications

CLASS-1 2× (2x S2) – 2x Omnisky IV Laser Cannon}
CLASS-3 2× (5x S4) – 2× (5x Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker V per rack)
CLASS-4 Unmanned twin turret (nose) (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)
CLASS-4 Unmanned twin turret (flanks) (2x S4) – 2x Kroneg FL-33 (S4)
CLASS-5 Manned top twin turret (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)
CLASS-5 Manned bottom twin turret (2x S3) – 2x KA 11-Series Broadsword (S3)

All specifications are subject to change for game balancing.

Aegis Redeemer - LTI - Standalone Ship
$250.00 USD
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Drake Herald Concept Sale

Drake Herald Concept Sale

This weekend is also your last chance to pick up a Drake Herald in the concept stage. You can learn more about the Herald here, and see some additional artwork in Chris Roberts’ most recent Letter from the Chairman. The Herald is a fast data-runner, capable of safely transmitting sensitive data from one planet to another… or it can be used for more nefarious purposes!

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