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November 27th 2014

Introducing the Javelin Destroyer

The Aegis Dynamics Javelin-class Destroyer

SUBJECT: New Command Ship (UEE Javelin Destroyer Sale)
TO: Commander Axel Stiltier
FROM: Daniel Mee


I know we haven’t spoken much, but Lt. Nylar said I should pass this information directly onto you. Word has been going around the Cats that you’ve been looking to acquire a new command ship for the fleet, and my contact in the UEE (not sure if you remember Matida from the Citizen Day event?) let me know that the Navy is planning to sell off an allotment of battle-tested Javelin Destroyers to qualified organizations and private enterprises. I can’t help but think that this would be a perfect fit for us. As you may already know, the Javelin is the Empire’s premier light warship… but what you might not know is that they are built and designed with modular segments in mind, allowing them to be re-purposed for a number of roles.

Now, while a surplus’d Javelin would make an excellent flagship, it’s worth noting that the ships they’re selling have seen hard service against the Vanduul. They are battle hardened and somewhat worse for wear… and have been stripped of the weapons systems. Nevertheless, I have full faith that with our people working together, we could repair and upgrade the destroyer to be one of the most formidable in the ‘Verse. I’m attaching details about the destroyer specifications and deck plans for your review.

Dan “Puma” Mee
Recruiting Officer
BlackCat Mercenaries Alliance

About the Ship

The Aegis Javelin is here! Designed for use by the UEE military (and featured prominently in Squadron 42) the Javelin is a massive, modular capital ship that can be appropriated for entrepreneurial use. With a detailed interior, plenty of modular room options and a high crew capacity, the Javelin is a ship intended for group play.

In the “real world,” the Javelin is well on its way through the development pipeline! Designed by David Hobbins, the Javelin has since been implemented by the team at Foundry 42 for the opening of the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. The ship features a total of five decks, each with a variety of crew positions and areas to explore and utilize.

PLEASE note before buying that the Javelin is not a free ride to interstellar domination. While it’s the largest ship we have made available to backers, it’s actually the smallest UEE ship-of-the-line. Additionally, Javelins sold to players are “used” by the UEE. They are surplus ships with their military weapons removed. Purchasing a Javelin means a new quest for your Org or team as you rearm and upgrade it for your needs! The ship will also be available in the finished game for players who wish to earn it.

200 Javelins will be made available during this sale for $2,500 each. The proceeds from these ships will go towards allowing us to sell 5,000 basic Aurora backers for new players. Javelin allotments will go up at 6 AM, noon, 6 PM and midnight PST on Friday, November 28 to allow backers from around the world a chance to buy.

Onboard the Javelin


The Javelin’s heavily armored bridge looks out over the rest of the ship’s superstructure. Centered around a fleet-class command-and-control interface, the bridge allows a dozen crewman to have full run of both the destroyer’s facilities and eye-on awareness of its deep space environs. Bridge positions include captain, executive officer, communications, weapons, radar, helm and science positions.

The bridge is surrounded by escape pods designed to allow the entire command team to make a quick egress should the worst happen. These escape pods, which can be found throughout the ship, are designed to carry five crew each. These escape pods are military-spec, oriented for easy retrieval by unladen Argo transport ships.

Top Deck

The Javelin’s Top Deck, also known as ‘officer country,’ is home to quarters for the ship’s captain and executive officer, with all the comforts of home. The prime attraction of the Top Deck is six modular rooms and the upper hangar (used for smaller launches or cargo.) Aegis Dynamics produces an array of battle-oriented room modules which can easily be slotted in and out of place while the Javelin is on orbit; a number of other manufacturers are now creating aftermarket modules for civilian roles such like science and cartography. Additional escape pods for officers are present on the top deck.

Javelin isn’t just a name; the ship’s internal layout philosophy is based around long, straight ‘javelin’ corridors. Right angle turns are used almost exclusively to connect to more long, straight corridors, giving the ship an overall cramped but stretched feel.

Mid Decks

Mid-Deck aboard a Javelin is where the real work happens. It includes access to two torpedo bays and six turret emplacements, giving the ship both offensive and defensive capabilities. The Javelin’s engine column is located here, and the Navy advises that it be staffed at all times for optimal performance. Onboard communications connects the engine column directly to the command stations on the bridge. Two of the modular component rooms can be slotted on to the mid-deck. The ship’s left flank includes access to the hangar, medical bay and brig, while the right flank includes two sets of crew quarters, showers, toilets and the mess hall. Mid-deck also includes escape pods.

Each deck is given a specific function and in the case of the mid-deck, divided laterally with crew habitation and functions placed on the right and military functions on the left. The sub-decks are reserved for engineering and turret access with their cramped, dimly lit corridors reflecting their utilitarian maintenance purpose.

Bottom Deck

The Javelin’s bottom deck includes six dedicated cargo rooms, two engineering facilities and access to the engine column. From the engine column, crew can access two STS turrets and four of the modular component rooms.

The Javelin’s main hangar is also located in this area. While smaller than a dedicated carrier’s hangar, the Javelin can still accommodate a limited number of individual spacecraft. The hangar is primarily designed to deploy a single Aegis Redeemer gunship and a crew of Marines for boarding operations, but other ship types can also be stored. A chart of existing types is attached.

Ship Type Number
Gladius 1
Hornet 1
Avenger 1
Gladiator 1
300 Series 1
M50 2
Aurora 2
Cutlass 1
Mustang 1
Merlin 4

Sub Decks

Finally, the Javelin has a pair of sub-decks with access to additional functionality. Sub-Deck 1 provides access to two modular component rooms, while Sub-Deck 2 features three Class 6 ATA turret emplacements and a maintenance EVA airlock. The Sub-Decks are the area most exposed to space, and are the best place to assign junior organization members.

The ship’s six-total swappable ‘customizable rooms’ make the base Javelin a chassis that can be customized for different roles by switching these rooms. Although first and foremost a combat focused ship, this flexibility has allowed the Javelin to serve well beyond the life expectancy of other ships of its age.

Technical Specifications

Length 345m
Beam 148m
Height 65m
Null-Cargo Mass TBC
Cargo Capacity 5400 standard cargo units (SCU)
Minimum Crew 23
Max Power Plant 2 x Size 8
Factory Power Plant TBA
Max Engine (Primary Thrust) 4 x TR7
Factory Engine TBC
Maneuvering Thrusters 12 x TR4
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters TBC
Max Shield 14
Shield TBC
Weapons x13 Size 5 ATA Turrets
x2 Size 7 STS Turrets
x2 9m Desolator Class Anti-Capital Ship Torpedo launchers
Escape Pods 16 × 5-man 3m x 3m x 4m (Total – 80 )
Modular Component Bays x12
Modular Rooms x6

Do I need to buy a Javelin?

NO! Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development and because of player demand. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. The design goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. Every sale supports expanding Star Citizen’s overall development, but none are required to gain full enjoyment from the game.



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