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December 12th 2014

December Subscriber Flair and Holiday gifts!

December Subscriber Flair and Holiday gifts!

To celebrate the holidays we are giving all backers a free Mustang Alpha ship model as well as a holiday wreath! Both these Items should be in your hangar now. If you log into your hangar any time from now until January 1st, 2015 the wreath will be a permanent addition to your inventory. Make sure to log in and claim this festive gift! Subscribers will also receive both of these items.

The December Subscriber Flair is the Mustang Delta ship model, by Takuetsu Starships the most trusted name in ship models. Subscriber flair is but small gesture of our appreciation. The ship model should already be in your hangar!

Thank you Citizen and we hope you enjoy the holidays in the ‘Verse.

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