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December 15th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Streamers Volume 3

Fan Spotlight: Streamers Volume 3

As we enter the holiday season we’d like to highlight a few of those who continue to show their love for Star Citizen each and every day. Of course I’m talking about the streamers! Day in and day out they go out there and show off the latest patches, updates, and share the game with viewers. So today we’re going to highlight a few of our favorites.


We’re going to start with the one and only BadNewsBaron. Claiming to run the “Best Damn Star Citizen Stream Ever”, BadNewsBaron plays Star Citizen on a daily basis and includes a few characters such as Darth Vader and Fancy Baron. Always joined by his pink unicorn Fluffy, BadNewsBaron is an entertaining stream for backers, new and old.

Check out his stream!


Next up is another popular streamer, WTFOSAURUS! A member of both Bearded Elite and the weekly Star Citizen podcast, StarCast, WTFOSAURUS has gone above and beyond to introduce people to the ‘verse and keep them updated with the latest information. And hey, you can’t go wrong with a guy who uses a Cheers theme for his starting soon image.

Check out his stream!


Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Phoenix_Imperium is a recently new streamer but has already made a huge impact on the scene. Perhaps that’s due to him using his real life piloting experience to take down fellow combatants, or it could be that he seems to be a pretty nice guy. Either way, Phoenix offers a fantastic stream and does a great job of interacting with his viewers.

Check out his stream!


Last up is a name that I have seen over and over when talking about streamers. Of course I’m talking about Twerk17. Hosting a stream every day of the week, Twerk makes sure to keep everybody informed and streams to show off any new patches or changes to the game. You should definitely check him out.

Check out his stream!

Thanks to all of our streamers out there. If you know of any that we left out let us know below! Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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