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January 15th 2015

Physical Items Available for a Limited Time!

Greetings Citizens!

We recently removed physical collectors items that were both individually sold and included in packages. We have had quite a demand for them since they were removed so we decided to offer pre-orders for them again through January 31st 2015 in order to provide everyone with a chance to get them. As of today, these items are available again for purchase under the “Merchandise” section of the store:

End of day January 31st they will be removed from the store as we need an accurate number to begin looking into production. At that point any individually purchased physical items, and packages containing physical items will not be able to be repurchased.

Edit: As Customer Service is backlogged right now, as long as you have a ticket in our system before the deadline we should be able to accommodate your request regarding physical items. We appreciate your understanding!

UPDATE! Due to popular demand we have decided to offer the Hornet Plus, Freelancer Plus, and Constellation Andromeda Packages back in the store temporarily. These include items such as the “Green/Silver Collectors Box”, etc. Those packages will be removed on January 31st as well as the individually sold items.

Please note that these items, and most physical items from game packages will not be ready for shipping until closer to game launch as they are dependent upon further development of the game.

Additionally, just a heads up that the Pre-orders for the following items will end on January 23rd:


Will I get the items from my original game package still?
Yes, nothing has changed on your old packages. We simply won’t be selling or allowing physical items to be repurchased past the 31st, though there is a possibility for them to be sold again in the future if there is extra stock.

Why are the items being shipped closer to game launch?
Because they are dependent on the game being further along in development. We can’t produce the “Making of Star Citizen” when we have not made the game. We can’t make the Star Map when it has not been fully designed, etc. If there are items we can produce sooner we will!

Why is the USB only 16GB?
That was what was promised in the initial campaign and made sense at the time. We will look into other options when we begin to design and produce them, however we can’t promise any changes at this point.

What ship is the USB?
We are aiming for it to be the Constellation.

Are these items being sold individually the same as were included in the packages?
Yes, they are the same items, and will be produced at the same time as the items sold individually.

Is the Star Map a fold-up?
Originally it was going to be, we are looking into producing it as a rolled up version as then people could choose if they wanted to fold it or leave it without creases. Nothing has been set in stone at this point though.

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