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January 22nd 2015

Everyone Gets a Space Globe!

Everyone Gets a Space Globe!

Greetings Citizens,

You may have already noticed that we have added a small flair item gift to every current Star Citizen backer’s account and Hangar: an animated space globe in honor of 2015! What is a Space Globe? Space globes are a long-lived, centennial human new year’s tradition. Each year, Rosemont Imports creates a limited edition collection of Premium Space Globes ornaments to collect. Health, prosperity and plentiful bounty hunting; space globes are supposed to bring good luck in the new year!

Everyone has been given one of three globes, awarded randomly, displaying one of the most recent additions to Star Citizen’s fleet. As part of their monthly flair program, development subscribers will also receive additional Space Globes that fill out the set: one more for Centurions and two for Imperators. You can learn more about subscribing here.

2015 is going to be a huge year for Star Citizen, and we wanted to provide a small gift in honor of that fact. Enjoy your Space Globe!

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