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February 1st 2015

RSI Pledge Store Update

RSI Pledge Store Update

Greetings Citizens,

As we announced two weeks ago, RSI is moving into Europe with the formation of Roberts Space Industries International Ltd. To accomplish this change, we have made a major revision to the pledge store’s functionality, which includes the addition of an international store run by RSI International. As a result of this store change, all backers will be required to accept a new ToS, Privacy Policy, and EULA when connecting to Star Citizen game or pledging through the store (these will vary depending on which store you access.)

Also, the RSI International pledge store will begin charging VAT on orders placed by backers in the European Union. In order to reduce the impact of the VAT changes for users paying in Euros, we are keeping the dollar-to-euro exchange rate steady rather than matching it to the recent loss of value to the USD. While it may become necessary to adjust the exchange rate in the future, the immediate impact should will be positive for many European backers and offset a large part of the VAT tax! While this does not impact backers now being able to pay in GBP, the launch of the international store does mean they will no longer be charged a foreign transaction and currency conversion fees.

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