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February 7th 2015

Skins, Shields, and a Gun Sale!

Greetings Citizens,

The Pledge Store just got some new items in stock. Whether you need more firepower, defense, or you just want to fly in style the Voyager Direct and Pledge stores have everything you would need.

Ship Skins

We have three new ship skins in the store. These skins only work on the Aurora right now but we are in the process of expanding the paint system to include more ships.

For those law abiding citizens we have the UEE skin

For those not so law abiding we have the Pirate Skin

The other skin we are very proud of as it comes from the heart of Star Citizen, the community. The Operation Pitchfork Skin can be added to an Aurora so you can show your pride as you fly head on into the Vanduul Swarm

If you already have the UEE or Pirate skin you have access to it already. Skins can be changed from your holotable.

Shield Generators

Also new this week we have a collection of eight different Shield Generators. We have two different types of generators that come in four different sizes. Each shield has it’s specialty so you have choices in your defense. Sizes go from 1-4 but make sure your ship can handle a size for before buying that one.

The new shield lineup can be found HERE

GT-Series Ballistic Cannon – Tarantula GT-870

Last but not least we have the Tarantula GT-870. Fed by Gallenson Tactical’s patented SpinGlide drum ammunition system, the Tarantula GT-870 can smoothly and accurately deliver a variety of medium caliber ballistic shells. Though it only has moderate rate of fire, its trustworthy durability makes it a dependable addition to any fight. More information can be found HERE

Be sure to stop by both The Pledge Store and Voyager Direct to pick up some new firepower and flair!

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