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February 13th 2015

February Subscriber Flair!

The February Subscriber Flair is the Gladius ship model, by Takuetsu Starships the most trusted name in ship models. Subscriber flair is a small gesture of our appreciation. The ship model should already be in your hangar!

This realistic ship model of the Gladius is the fifth in a collection of Star Citizen’s ships. Display your Gladius with pride, and then collect other models to complete the display. Includes stand and collector’s box.

The Gladius is an older design which has been updated over the years to keep up with modern technology. In military circles, the Gladius is beloved for its performance and its simplicity. A fast, light fighter with a laser-focus on dogfighting, the Gladius is an ideal interceptor or escort ship.

Takuetsu Starships is a leading die-cast model spaceship manufacturer based in Fujin City, Centauri founded in 2894. They hold the reproduction licenses from spaceship manufacturers and engineering companies such as RSI and Anvil Aerospace. Takuetsu are well known amongst collectors to make superior, highly detailed models. They produce perfect replicas of personal, commercial, military and even alien spaceships in various scales.

More information about subscriptions can be found here

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