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February 14th 2015

Devs vs Community Dogfights - THANK YOU!

Devs vs Community Dogfights


It looks like we managed to break Arena Commander’s matchmaking services! Cloud Imperium QA is on the case, and we’ll have a full report in the future. For the moment, though, it looks like it’s going to be impossible to play together this afternoon. We’re frustrated not to be able to play with the community today, but we’re grateful for your help in testing the game to (and in this case, beyond!) its limits. Today’s play test may not have included much dogfighting, but it has identified an issue we’ll need to work on immediately!

Greetings Citizens,

We want to dogfight with you! On Monday February 16th we will be having Devs Vs Community matches of Arena Commander on the live servers! (not the PTU) If you want to try and take down members of CIG both in Santa Monica and in Austin, including the Chairman himself Chris Roberts, all you have to do is load up Arena Commander at 4:00PM PST.

Pilots from CIG will be queuing into Battle Royale matches for an hour looking to see if anyone can withstand the might of the UEE.

We want as many people as we can playing to both test the serves and have some fun. Let’s break a record for most people playing at a time! Please come join us for the first official Devs Vs Community playtests.

In the future we will pick times more suitable for other parts of the world. We want as many people as possible to join in on the fun. Thank you citizens and we will see you in Arena Commander!

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