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May 2nd 2015

Reverse The Verse Episode 45

Reverse The Verse is the official ‘aftershow’ of Star Citizen. We broadcast every week, recapping the events from Around The Verse we found noteworthy, as well as revealing deeper explanations to some of the most hot-button topics asked by you, the viewer.

Check out past broadcasts of Reverse The Verse over on Twitch. Follow us to be notified the next time we go live!

In case you can’t make our broadcast, or you simply want to see it again, we’re breaking out RTV into it’s own Saturday post. We hope you like it!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #45

1. Lisa’s fleet of ships will need a fleet of swear jars

Ship Shape, the newest addition to ATV, was received with great enthusiasm this week. Production coordinator Lisa Ohanian, our source for ships, was equally excited about revealing the latest info about the Merlin, Connie, Starfarer and more…including a few that sent us into a tizzy.

2. Alyssa Delhotal brings singing and merriment to CIG

In her inaugural episode of Reverse The Verse, our newest addition to the team may not have a lot of Star Citizen details to spill, but we learned a lot about Alyssa! Joining us from Activision, her friendship with Lisa came through on camera, and we’re very excited for her (and her energy!) to be on the team.

3. Bugsmashers is moving to Wednesdays!

In an effort to keep bringing you great Star Citizen content, we’re breaking out one of our favorite segments from ATV and giving it an entire segment! Check back this week for the first Wednesday Bugsmashers!

4. Rapid Fire FPS questions with Travis is informative…and intense!

Needless to say, Travis Day is our go-to source for the dirty details on the FPS. We were lucky to have him sit in for the last five minutes of the show and answer questions from chat. There’s a release update coming early next week!

5. We’re all sick of terrible Hull puns—but we can’t HULLp it.

The concept sale for the MISC Hull cargo series continues until Monday. Until then, we will continue to drive this joke into the ground. Ben discussed the Hull C Discrete model of the series, and confirms it is still in the works.

For a full recap of the episode, check out our friends over at the Imperial News Network.

Check here for INN’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 45.

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