May 9th 2015

Fleshing out the Starfarer
WIP Update sale

The MISC Starfarer Tanker

Greetings Citizens,

Today we are proud to present an update on the MISC Starfarer! The Starfarer is Star Citizen’s premiere fuel transport and in-flight refueling spacecraft. The design is currently undergoing its shakedown trials at Foundry 42 UK, where it will play a role in the upcoming Squadron 42. Today, we’re showing you where in development the Starfarer is and we’re releasing the long-awaited Gemini variant for the first time. Over the next week, we’ll be answering your questions about the Starfarer and the refueling process and providing more information on how this role fits into the game and the world. Read on to see the development progress and to learn more about how we’re building out Star Citizen’s first dedicated tanker!

Starfarer Gemini

The United Empire of Earth military uses an adapted ‘rough and tumble’ variant of the Starfarer for their front line operations. The G2G Gemini, more commonly the Starfarer Gemini or ‘Star G,’ trades some cargo capacity and maneuverability in exchange for reinforced armor, increased shielding, more powerful engines and stronger versions of the three manned turrets. Converted under license by Aegis Dynamics, the Gemini also includes an optional missile pod, which can be swapped for the fuel intake unit on the ship’s nose (see below for details.) Missile pods can be mounted to either Starfarer variant.

Why the Starfarer?

The Starfarer differs from traditional bulk freighters in one key way: it is a dedicated fuel platform.

The Starfarer is designed not only to load, store and protect fuel stasis units, it is designed to take in spaceborne hydrogen and then refine it for use without landing.

The Starfarer can be used to ferry traditional bulk cargo pods (see diagram) but in such cases the fuel refining equipment would be useless. This equipment is modular and can be swapped out for another mission package for dry operations!

Have another Question?

We will be posting Starfarer Q&A updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. You can post your questions to this thread on the forums and we will select the best we can answer.

External Development

The team at Foundry 42 UK has completed external whiteboxing of the Starfarer for its role in Squadron 42. This means that the exterior shape of the ship is complete and that we’re preparing to bring it into the game. You can follow the progress (and check out some of the details) below.

Internal Development

There’s more than just the Starfarer hull in development! We are also developing the interior. Concept and WIP of the bridge, captain’s quarters and more are available here!

Technical Overview


Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
  • Occupied
  • Available

Key technical information

  • Refuel/Transport
  • 100 meters
  • 350,000 Kg
  • 7 persons
  • 3321

Note: Ship specifications are subject to change.

Propulsion overview

Thrusters and Engines on this ship

Hardpoints overview

Weapons and Modular Systems on this ship
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Cam view

View angle

Points of interest

Render type

Details of the Sale

We are offering this pledge ship to help fund Star Citizen’s development. All of these ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game. Additionally, all decorative ‘flare’ items will also be available to acquire in the finished game world. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches.

The standard model Starfarer is available again for a limited time. The standard model includes two year insurance. The Starfarer Gemini is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. This means that the ship design meets our specifications, but it is not yet ready to display in your Hangar or to fight in Arena Commander. The sale includes Lifetime Insurance on the ship hull and a pair of decorative items for your Hangar. A future patch will add a Starfarer Gemini poster and then once the in-game model is finished you will also be given an in-game Starfarer Gemini mini ship model! In the future, the ship price will increase and the offer will not include Life Time Insurance or these extras.

If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until Monday May 18th. You can also view a detail of the ship in the Tech Overview of the ship page!

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