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May 9th 2015

Hyper Vanguard Force
Play the Shoot'em Up minigame!

Hyper Vanguard Force IV

Greetings, citizens!

In the wake of this week’s release of Arena Commander, we thought we’d give you yet another chance to test your fighting skills in an intense retro throwback battle. So head over to the next section, hop aboard your very own Vanguard and try and beat Chris Roberts’ score!

This amazing minigame was developed by Montreal-based game creators Dave Richard and Christine Marsh who designed all the assets themselves based on official Star Citizen concept art. It was then integrated into the website by our folks at Turbulent.

Now go and take back what’s yours!


The year is 2983. The Advocacy has fallen, giving rise to hordes of pirates roaming the Verse without fear of retaliation.

The populations live in constant fear and hide in the safest landing zones they can get to. Anyone with an ounce of fight in them rarely get off their ships at all, making trinkets and decorations treasured relics from the past.

The evil pirate captain Balthazar has stolen your prized Takuetsu Vanguard model. Now your dashboard feels empty and lonely and sad... as Meredith, you will pursue these despicable thieves through three star systems, blasting everything and everyone that stands in your way.

This minigame cannot be experienced on mobile devices or smaller screens. Please switch to a laptop/desktop screen.

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