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July 31st 2015

Gamescom 2015 Event Details

RSVP for Gamescom 2015

Greetings Citizens,

Tickets for the Gamescom 2015 Star Citizen event are now printable in your My Account RSVP section.


The event will take place from 8 PM to midnight on August 7th, 2015 at E-Werk Cologne, the same location as last year. The address is Schanzenstraße 37, 51063 Köln, Germany.


Doors open at 5 PM local time for Subscribers and Concierge members and 6 PM for all other backers. Backers will be able to interact with the team before the presentation. Please note that the QR code on your ticket will identify your ticket type (concierge, subscriber or standard) but that it will not be printed separately.

The presentation WILL be livestreamed, via the Star Citizen Twitch channel. A link will be available on the front page Friday.

Who’s Going?

In addition to staff from both of Cloud Imperium’s European studios, we will be bringing some of your favorites from Austin and Santa Monica! Attendees scheduled to attend include:

  • Chris Roberts
  • Ortwin Freyermuth
  • Erin Roberts
  • Sandi Gardiner
  • Ben Lesnick
  • David Swofford
  • James Pugh
  • Alexis Lesnick
  • Thomas Hennessy
  • Jared Huckaby
  • Alyssa Delhotal
  • Patrick Probst
  • Allie Coker
  • Mike Meaden
  • Andrew Nicholson
  • Glenn Kneale
  • Stefan Rutherford
  • Liam Guest
  • Ben Parr
  • Jason Cole
  • Dan Trufin
  • Hassan Kamran
  • Paul Vaden
  • Benjamin Fardel (Turbulent)

Digital Merchandise

We’re bringing back digital event items! Gamescom attendees will receive an exclusive ‘Cologne 2945’ poster for their Hangars AND a Gamescom 2945 trophy. Digital items will be available in the pledge store for those who can’t attend closer to the event. The Gamescom trophy and digital poster will be available in the pledge store for backers who are unable to attend. Additionally, ALL subscribers will receive a second variant Gamescom trophy for their Hangars. Digital items will be attributed next week.

Physical Merchandise

Attendees will also receive a selection of Star Citizen artifacts including the first in a series of collectible ship pins and an event-specific poster! And for the first time, limited ships will be available for purchase directly at the event for Concierge and Subscriber backers! The following ships will be available for purchase from representatives on site, and will come with a physical ‘ship registration’ certificate suitable for framing. (Please note that store credit cannot applied to purchases made on-site.)

  • Aegis Retaliator
  • Anvil Carrack
  • Drake Caterpillar
  • RSI Orion
  • Aegis Reclaimer
  • Khartu-al (Xi’an Scout)
  • Banu Merchantman

These ships will also be available online during the event for those that can not attend.

What to Bring

PLEASE remember to bring your printed ticket or a digital copy stored on your phone in addition to your photo ID. If you have a Citizen Card or any Star Citizen clothing, bring it! Food and drinks will be available for purchase, CASH ONLY.

Many of you have kindly offered gifts for the team. Unfortunately, since we’re flying back to the United States the next day we are unable to accept anything at the event. We truly appreciate the thought, though!

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