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August 11th 2015

Gamescom Wrap Up

Gamescom Wrap Up

Greetings Citizens

Gamescom 2015 will be remembered as one of the most important events in Star Citizen! Chris Roberts took the stage and outlined both where Star Citizen is, and where it is going. From the Social Module to Star Marine and ending with the Multicrew demo, the dream is becoming a reality! Let’s take some time and run down some of the biggest news from the presentation one last time.

First up is the Social Module from the team out of Austin. Chris Roberts shocked the community by announcing that we would be releasing the highly anticipated addition to Star Citizen this month! The initial launch will include the ArcCorp environment for you and your friends to get a taste of social interactions in the ‘verse. We have two different versions of the Social Module presentation, the version we did live on stage and one we made for press. Please check them out.

Star Marine

Star Marine is still a priority and the team is working hard to get it to a place that we are happy releasing. The Chairman talked about his vision for FPS in Star Citizen and why it is worth it to get it right. Combat is not the only thing in the ‘verse as we all know, but it is still an important part of the Star Citizen experience.

Multicrew (AC 2.0)

The grand finale was the Multicrew demo! As Chris outlined in the presentation, AC 2.0 is the culmination of years of work, and it is the first time we are able to show you just how special Star Citizen is. We could talk about the Demo ad nauseam, but really you just have to watch it for yourself. We have included two different versions, the one performed live at the event and the one we did for the press.

Thank you Citizens, both those in attendance and those that watched at home. We hope you enjoyed what we had to show. It isn’t always easy to be so connected to the development process but it is the dedication and support from you, our backers, that is making Star Citizen a reality!

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