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August 28th 2015

Star Citizen at DragonCon!

Star Citizen at DragonCon!

Greetings Citizens,

The Cloud Imperium team is headed to Atlanta! Four members of the team behind Star Citizen will be in town to appear on several panels and make time for Star Citizen backers. Sandi Gardiner, David Haddock, Ben Lesnick and David Ladyman will be on hand to answer your questions and talk about Star Citizen’s future.

Are you planning on attending? Let us know in the comments and look for us on the show floor! We’ll have Constellation pins and other swag to give out, and we’re always happy to talk spaceships.

Panel Schedule


Storytelling in Video Games Real writers dream up dozens of different endings & hundreds of hours of branching dialogue. F. Day, D. Haddock, D. Ladyman, R. Garriott de Cayeux, P. Weekes; Sat 1:00 pm; Imperial Ballroom [M]

Cloud Imperium: Star Citizen Q&A The latest on Cloud Imperium, the most crowdfunded game in history. D. Haddock, D. Ladyman, B. Lesnick; Sat 5:30 pm; Grand Salon D [Hil]


Online Gaming Communities: Using Social Media From forums & bulletin boards to Facebook groups & Twitter feeds, how do video games promote community today? B. Lesnick, HiRezAmanda; Sun 10:00 am; Grand Salon D [Hil]

Free to Play: Here to Stay? “Free-to-play”—from failing games to successful business model. Find out why. A. Carrier, B. Lesnick, M. Woomer; Sun 8:30 pm; Grand Salon E [Hil]

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