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December 5th 2015

Weekly Development Update

Weekly Development Update

Greetings Citizens,

Welcome to what we all hope is one of the last 2.0 development update reports!

Thanks to all of your hard work on creating those Issue Council bug reports we have managed to really get on top of the worst of the stability and performance issues on 2.0 PTU. To get right to the part of the update you want to hear, we are unlocking the next 100,000 accounts for PTU testing. If you are Citizen #210,000 or earlier, we encourage you to help us test Alpha 2.0 on the PTU!

As for the status of the live release: we’re not quite out of the woods yet, but we hope you’ve already noticed some dramatic improvements over the last couple of builds. The number of both server and client crashes has dropped down significantly and the internal QA team has managed to have regular extended play periods lasting several hours.

You have likely already heard of our significant blocker. The most recent builds have been having issues because of a slowdown bug. Like all the worst bugs, this one seemed to come out of nowhere! Unfortunately, it’s appearance interrupted our string of daily PTU updates as our bug smashers dug in to battle it out.

Additionally, there’s some balance work to do for the Constellation and Retaliator to get those ships tuned up and feeling right. Thank you all for the feedback about these ships in particular. Keep in mind this is the very first pass… we’re already hard at work figuring out how to improve the arms and armor to make sure they match up to their intended roles.

Finally, I encourage everyone to check out the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 trailer embedded below, put together for last night’s Game Awards. It’s a quick look at some of what you’re going to be doing when the update goes live. Hold tight and brace for impact, we’re almost there!

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