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March 11th 2016

March Subscriber Flair!

March Subscriber Flair!

This month’s Subscriber Flair is the Tuserac Plena, aka the Terran Emperor Blossom! This decorative space plant is the first in an all-new collection that will share some of the amazing plant life found around Star Citizen’s universe! Be sure and take good care of your space plant… give it plenty of light and do not remove it from it’s artificial environment enclosure. Here’s the 4-1-1 on your botanical treat:

Name of plant: Tuserac Plena aka Emperor Blossom
Origin: Terra, Terra
Average Lifespan: Estimated: 50-100 SEY
Description: A member of the Tuserac family of flowers, the Emperor Blossom is one of the most recognizable indigenous plants from Terra. For most of the year, the flower is obscured, covered by what appears to be an unremarkable brown husk, similar to the Typha/Cattail of Earth. When an ideal temperature is reached, the plant enters its blooming phase: the petals peel back, revealing the striking colors underneath. Tens of thousands cross the Zaffre Bay every year for the Twilight Festival which coincides with the blooming of this beautiful flower.

Don’t want your Emperor Blossom to be lonely? We’ve also distributed the Xi’An Space Plant stretch goal to all who backed Star Citizen before $49 million. Check it out!

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the first space plant will be attributed to your account on Tuesday March 15th! More information about subscriptions can be found here.

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