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March 11th 2016

Dogtags Available!

Dogtags Available!

Hold the line! The United Empire of Earth Navy is all that stands between the Vanduul and countless helpless human colonies. Join up and show your allegiance, with our first-ever Squadron 42 dog tag offer. This high-quality brushed metal dog tag is identical to those worn by members of Squadron 42 and feature your customized name.

This product includes a single customized dog tag. This dog tag will also display your rank (Lieutenant), name, assignment (2nd Fleet, 65th Battle Group, Squadron 42) and UEE serial number (your Citizen Number.) A rubber silencer and key ring are included.

You will be asked to provide your name during Checkout; character limit of 16 including spaces, no special characters or profanities allowed. This is a pre-order and will not ship immediately; estimated delivery is June 2016. Grab your tag here!

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