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May 20th 2016

May Subscriber Flair!

May Subscriber Flair!

This month’s Subscriber Flair is the Kavische Space Cactus! The Space Plant Collection features exotic plants found throughout the galaxy, from strange and unusual specimen to alien specifies or commonly found greeneries. This cactus is the third item in our Space Plant series! Capable of growing anywhere up to 5 meters in height, the Kavische is a columnar cactus hybrid that developed on Yar shortly after the introduction of floral into the newly terraformed ecosystem. Adapting the hue of the red sand, the Kavische quickly became one of the predominant plants on the planet.

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the space cactus will be attributed to your account on Tuesday May 24th! The space catcus will appear in the game when Alpha 2.4 goes live. More information about subscriptions can be found here.

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