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June 10th 2016

Shubin Contractor Reward Program
Rewarding our extraordinary miners

“The ‘verse keeps getting bigger, but some things never change. Whatever you got, no matter how much or how little, there’s always someone waiting to take it from you. You either let it happen or you fight. Don’t know about you, but I’m damn well gonna fight.”
- Dosh Mallory, famed frontiersman, 2656

The Contest

Several weeks ago, in conjunction with the concept sale for the MISC Prospector, we asked people to write up fictional biographies for their potential mining character, and boy did you guys answer the call. With more than 35,000 entries, it took us quite awhile to go through and read them all, and after conquering that endeavor, we’ve decided to pick not only our five winning entries, but five runners up that caught our attention.


Judging entries in a contest like this is completely subjective. When going through the entries, we picked the ones that simply resonated with members of the Community Team for one reason or another. This is not to say that entries that didn’t make it here are worse, only that these five were the ones that caught our attention and stuck in our heads while going through 35,000 entries. The winners here will all be awarded an RSI Orion for their contributions to this fun endeavor. These will be attributed next week.


Picking the Top 5 was a difficult task, and on our way to narrowing that selection down, we had ourselves a Top 10. These were the ones that stayed with for the longest time, if only to just miss the final cut. For that accomplishment, we’ll be awarding these runners-up with a free MISC Prospector. These will be attributed next week.

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