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September 9th 2016

Galactic Tour’s Combat Ship of the Year
Sponsored by Astro Armada

A word from our host

Astro Armada Presents


Welcome back. First off, as expected, the M50 easily won the title of “Racer of the Year.” No big surprise really to anybody who had watched my stunningly insightful review of the new M50.

If you are upset that you missed your chance to vote, I can only assume you flew a 350R and arrived too late to do so. Fortunately for you, there’s another vote happening right now!

Last week, we took a hard look at two of the fastest ships out there, but this week our Fan Favourite Flyer features the two ships that are most likely giving them a reason to run. That’s right, time for you to tell us which is the “Combat Ship of the Year.”

Aegis Vanguard Warden

Like something out of the pages of ancient mythology, the Vanguard Warden is best described as a winged beast. Often seen leading the charge, don’t be too shocked if the Warden has single-handedly finished the fight before the rest of the squad shows up. This long-range fighter can cover more ground and mess more stuff up in a single day than the Imperial Senate. An impressive feat for sure.

Anvil Super Hornet F7C-M

Delivering a taste of the military direct to your private hangar, including the experience of being able to give orders to someone else, the two-seater Super Hornet lives up to its name and then some. Massive guns, big thrusters, thick armor – the specs on this top-of-class fighter are nearly X-rated, but the ass-kicking it routinely delivers is fun the whole family can enjoy.

And that’s the breakdown for this week. Are you ready to fight for your favourite? Tell us your opinion and vote!


Astro Armada - Combat Ship of the Year

Which ship deserves the "Combat Ship of the Year" Title?

Total Votes: 13737

About the Poll, M50 sale and Free test flight!

Attention Citizens!

Last week’s winner, the Origin M50, is now available for purchase (and upgrades) in the pledge store. It will stay available until the end of the new poll, Sept 16th 9AM Pacific time.

We’ve also unlocked the Super Hornet and the Vanguard Warden for use by all backers through Friday, September 16. Take them out for a test flight and then cast your vote right here for which deserves the title of Galactic Tour’s Cambat Ship of the Year. The winning ship will also return to the pledge store the following week, so choose wisely. See you on the battlefield!

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