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September 23rd 2016

Galactic Tour’s Dogfighter of the Year
Sponsored by Astro Armada

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The voting is over and the results have been tallied. Which works out perfectly as the winner of “Bomber of the Year” is in fact the Tali. Turns out size does matter, at least when you’re looking to wipe something from the face of existence. Many of you were quick to praise the mighty Aegis Retaliator for its ability to deliver massive payloads and for those of you who were hoping I was going to make some sort of wordplay off of how the results were a total bombshell or something like that, sorry, I just won’t do it. Standards.

Don’t worry if your ship of choice didn’t win the last poll, Galactic Tour’s Fan Favourite Flyer isn’t ready to call it quits yet. This week we are going to have you decide which carefully crafted craft is deserving of the title “Dogfighter of the Year.”

Aegis Dynamics Sabre

It is said that in life there are the quick and there are the dead. It’s also said that the fastest way to sort out which is which is by putting them up against an Aegis Sabre. Those who have experienced flying against this nimble fighter often compare the experience to be kicked in the face by a ballerina. Which from my personal experience, sounds a bit more enjoyable than actually having to watch one.

Consolidated Outland’s Mustang Delta

Straight from the mind of Silas Koerner and into your trigger happy hands comes this meaty variant of the Mustang. Maybe not the obvious choice at first glance, but it is worth noting that insider sources have revealed that the Navy considered adding the Delta to their roster, and rightly so. Its unique hull construction provides a strength that belies its svelte frame, and with Consolidated Outland’s very own Cavalry Class Mass Reduction Armor sprinkled on top, you have yourself a ship that’s not only hard to spot, but tough to take down.

So, what say you? Quirky outsider or the cool guy? Sword or Greek letter? “Dogfighter of the Year” or “Same Old Ship?” Vote and let us know!


Astro Armada - Dogfighter of the Year

Which ship deserves the "Dogfighter of the Year" Title?

Total Votes: 12140

About the Poll, Retaliator sale and Free test flight!

Attention Citizens!

Last week’s winner, the Retaliator Bomber, is now available for purchase (and upgrades) in the pledge store. It will stay available until the end of the new poll, Sept 30th 9AM Pacific time.

We’ve also unlocked the Sabre and the Delta for use by all backers through Friday, September 30. Take them out for a test flight and then cast your vote right here for which deserves the title of Galactic Tour’s Dogfighter of the Year. The winning ship will also return to the pledge store the following week, so choose wisely. See you on the battlefield!

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