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June 9th 2017

June 2947 Subscriber Flair!

June 2947 Subscriber Flair

Greetings Subscribers!

This month’s subscriber flair is part of a our newest series of holographic space station models. Established during the First Tevarin War, IMS Bolliver was intended to serve as a infantry platform in the case of a Tevarin invasion. The Bolliver’s layout was optimized to not only house military personnel but also provide defensible positions in the case of assault. This configuration became a template for future security stations and its references to this configuration can still be seen to this day. The station was decommissioned in mid-28th century. Although it’s technically off-limits, squatters can sometimes be found living in the dilapidated halls.

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the model will be attributed to your account on Monday June 12th. More information about subscriptions can be found here!

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