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June 9th 2017

Spectrum Alpha 0.3.5 Live


Today we are pleased to release the latest update to the Spectrum Alpha, 0.3.5. This update incorporates many new features that were requested by you, the Star Citizen community.

View Modes

  • You can now select your preference for how threads are sorted (hot, last-activity, top, new) in channels via the Settings.
  • You can now select your preferred thread view mode (nested, classic) via the Settings.
  • You can now select your preference for how thread replies are sorted (top, new, old) via the Settings.
  • The forum category default sort setting has been removed and is replaced by a user-specific setting.
  • The thread type chosen in previous Spectrum versions has been replaced by a user-specific setting pair (sort and view mode)
  • Threads will now persist your preferred view mode and sort if you change it from your user-specific setting.

Read State

  • Spectrum now tracks if you read each reply in a thread and will display a yellow unread marker to indicate a reply you have never read.


  • A new forum category level setting allow you to enforce that threads must be created with a tag.
  • You can now bookmark forum tags directly to your sidebar!
  • You can now browse the tags available for each forum category and community index.
  • Threads list will now indicate which threads contain posts made using tracked roles in that community (Staff posts will be marked in the SC public community)


  • You can now edit your bookmark aliases by visiting the “Manage Bookmarks” view.


  • New filters are now available to search by author and role within your communities.

This is just another step in making Spectrum the best communication platform for the Star Citizen community.

Click here to read the complete patch notes for 0.3.5

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