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September 28th 2013

The New Definition of Performance

Origin X1 Presale

Greeting Citizens!

Anyone who’s flown an Origin Jumpworks ship understands the experience we’re trying to capture. Performance. Luxury. Excellence. These are ideals that are pursued with almost religious zeal whether we’re constructing a high-speed racer like the m50 or a luxury touring vehicle like the 890, and we’re prepared to do it again.

Origin Jumpworks teamed up with legendary ship designer Alberto Vara to create a high performance open-canopy ship: the X1.

As a valued member of the Origin family, we’d like to invite you to get an exclusive first look at this exciting new biking experience.

About the Pre-Sale

The Origin X1 pre-sale will run through 20:00 UTC September 29. Credit models and additional multi-ship packs will be available in the full sale, as will a brochure, holoviewer model and additional concept material.

The X1 Scarlet Edition includes the base model X1 and an exclusive cherry skin available only during the pre-sale period. The X1 Scarlet Edition Three-Pack includes all three variants and three cherry skins.

Pre-Sale is now over! You can find the full sale with all available options here.

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